"Full-time Reservation" dogs are dogs that are walked every day, Monday - Friday (holidays excepted). Since packs are limited to 8, there are limited spaces each day. Your dog will always have a spot reserved for a walk, even if you don't use it. I will always be available to take them out 5 days a week guaranteed!

"Part-time" dogs are dogs that are walked 2-3 days per week. 2x a week dogs are scheduled Tuesday & Thursday. 3x a week dogs are scheduled Monday / Wednesday / Friday. Call Mike,

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to set up a meet-n-greet with you and your best buddy.

Pack Walks

Full-time Reservation — $350 / month for one* dog (avg. $15.90 per walk )

* Multi-dog households get a discount when you sign up for full time walking. Each additional dog in the same household is only $275. So a 2-dog home pays $625 for full-time walks, 3 dogs are $900, etc.

Part-time — $18 / walk per dog.

Solo Walks

My current schedule does not allow me to offer solo walks at this time.

"A tired dog is a good dog."